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MWKJGL Scholarship

Do you know of any high school or current college students in need of financial assistance?

Please have them apply for our Annual Scholarship.

Scholarship recipients are honored at our Annual Scholarship Ball in December. 

It is the desire of Most Worshipful King Josiah Grand Lodge and Yannah Grand Chapter to financially assist College students as they continue their paths to higher education!!!


The scholarship will be given away to 2 people. One will be a senior in high school that will be attending college and the other will be to a person already in college.

  • Each person wishing to apply for the scholarship will have to meet the following requirements:

    • Submit an application by email, or via the form below, before the deadline of November 15, 2023.

    • Write an essay that is a minimum of 350 words.

      • The essay must tell about yourself (include any sports, organizations, charitable works, personal accolades) 

      • Include:

        • your major

        • career field you are pursuing

        • your future goals 

        • reason why should you be awarded this scholarship and how will it help your education

    • Submit a copy of your G.P.A (can be a copy of your transcripts or report card)

    • Obtain a letter of recommendation

  • Submit a passport sized photo

  • It is required that you attend our formal banquet on December 2nd to receive your scholarship (you will be allowed to bring 2 guests)

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